Meeting Commenced at:- 1415 hrs at Austral Hotel, Quorn










Meeting Closed             1520 hrs

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Franklin; Allan Franklin; Karen Cooke; Dale Pilmore; Shane Duncan; Leanne Duncan; David Pilkington.

Confirmation of minutes from meeting held on 10/7/2009

Business arising from previous minutes.

Bank Account -Not Operational with BANKSA at Roxby Downs. Awaiting Incorporation of our organisation. We need $500 to $700 for the Incorporation depending on what company is used. We need Incorporation for Government Grants so as to manage the funds ourselves. Incorporation also protects the committee-(Directors) from liability over $150-00.

Web Page is operational thanks very much to Peter Hancock.
Peter gave an update incorporating the group email account system as well. The Meeting gave
thanks to Peter for all his work on this and to Carl for the initial logo design.

Code of conduct re the group treks has been compiled by Stuart and on the web page for viewing.
Discussion took place in relation to the code of conduct and travel off of PAR's Stuart explained the distances permissible and to ensure bog outs are filled in.
Stuart MOVED that Code of Conduct be accepted. Seconded by Greg Franklin.
Voted and accepted

3a Discussion on obtaining a larger 1st Aid kit for the entire group out of the grant money.
Moved by Carl Korner, 2nd by Peter Hancock Voted and Accepted. Stuart Paxton to arrange purchase of a suitable Group 1st aid kit

Quotes obtained for Jacket, polo shirt and baseball caps
     Biz J8600 Trekka Jacket: $ 83.98
     JB's 210P Pocket Polo:      $ 18.90
     Caps + Embroidery:          $ 12.50ea
     2M Podium Moto Shirt,    $ 27.55

Prices for embroidery as attached:
1 x Set up Fee: $ 85.00 [Logo,Names and Badges]
Embroider, Great Tracks Logo:            $ 10.30
     " , Names Other side:                         $ 3.00
Make & Embroider Service Badges:   $ 4.00ea

Discussions took place and membership buying their own until sponsorship
is arranged. Moved Carl that the Secretary-Stuart attempt to source
sponsorship for clothing re promotional matters. Voted and Approved.

Stuart and Greg to approach organisations in relation to sponsorship and
offer at a $ value price instead of garment costs eg. To have sponsor
 name/logo on jackets/caps/shirts @ e.g. $500 or so each organisation.
Stuart and Greg to look at the monetary value and which companies to

Stuart PAXTON also suggested looking at selling sponsor and advertising space on the truck and camp kitchen for next year. As well as group signage on vehicles and trailers. To be discussed at the next meeting.
Discussion took place and agreed that One basic sponsorship/advertising letter be drafted by the Secretary-Stuart, and sent to numerous companies. Offering Gold, Platinum and Silver value sponsorship. Include photo of the sides and front of the trailer for company adverts.
Stuart to supply Greg a copy of the letter so local Leigh Creek Companies can be approached.

Shane DUNCAN suggested that we look at Sat phones to borrow or hire for each vehicle or each group in future and in particular the Truck should always carry a sat phone. ACTION Stuart and Peter to follow this up and report back to the next meeting. Look at quotes Stuart has received. Also Ken Lamb from ODT Transport offering to lend us a couple of SAT PHONES dependant on when we needed them and his work needs.
Stuart reported to rent a Sat phone through Landline (Telstra) is $580/week
Another company Satellite Phone Hire is $120/week with an additional $80/week after or $11.42 per day plus calls.
It is $2,000 to buy a new phone or ex-hire phones from Telstra at $1,575.00
Stuart has a Sat Phone, Frank Lyman has one, and SES has one. HF radios in Peter's and Frank's vehicles.
VOTED and Approved for Stuart to go with sourcing loan phones for the time being, rather than wasting money on these phones for 2 or 3 annual clean ups.

Carmel PAXTON mentioned in relation to the number of vehicles and persons on future treks to look at what is comfortable for catering and cartage of camping equipment and provisions. Discussion took place. ACTION for all to think about this issue and bring back to the next meeting.
MOVED Stuart that we have a cut off of no new people one month before the Trek. E.g. no extra people after 3/06/2010 for the July clean up. This owing to catering and logistics with fuel our largest issue. Seconded Carl and APPROVED.

Peter and Stuart to develop a contact and health form for all members and visitors on treks covering all personal details, medical history, medications allergies and next of kin contacts as well as Medicare card numbers. This form is to be put on the Web page. Hard copies for each person on Treks to be carried with the new GROUP 1ST AID KIT.


Abn Number from ATO dated 1/8/2009                   80 748 405 673



Tax File Number from ATO dated 12/10/2009         909 569 138


Across the Outback Article on last years cleanup Refer Page 7


Letter from NRM INVESTMENT UNIT letter acknowledging Grant Application. Dated 28/10/2009


Letter from Hon jay Weatherill MP Minister for Environment & Conservation dated 2/12/2009 thanking for applying and advising of the application being approved.


Letter from Hon Lyn Breuer MP local MP Congratulating us on being successful in our grant Application.


Copy of Grant Agreement.

Carl suggested that copy of congratulations letters be forwarded to members and for the local newsletter at Leigh Creek so that community sees what the group is doing and being recognised for.

Currently have $226.55 in cash, pending new bank account after Incorporation. SA ARID LANDS & NRM BOARD is holding our Grant money of $10,000-00 in their account.



Fun FINES brought forward by Carl and agree to by everyone. All vehicles to carry coins to a total of $10-00 fines will be levelled on THEME NIGHTS.
We will also be holding a Movie night and a photo night.
GAMES will be also on         -----  COW PADDY TOSSING
                                             -----  SHIRADES
                                             -----  BOCCE
                                             -----  CELEBRITY HEADS

Gawler Ranges Clean up-Stuart outlined this proposal.
Moved Stuart to continue researching the area, prepare the proposal, to look at this clean up after the main clean up, possibly in September 2010. Utilising left over Grant money.


Stuart outlined offer of support from Ken Lamb of Olympic Dam Transport, re use of tipper truck or tipper semi his own fuel for the Gawler Ranges clean up and if we do the Oodnadatta Track next year. He has his own sign company and said all signs will be dependent on size and style either free or cost of materials only. Ken Lamb of ODT rang Stuart this morning at
11.50 a.m Saturday 6/2/2010 he and a mate who owns HEADING INDUSTRIES at Olympic Dam will donate the total cost we require for Incorporation. Just let him know how much is needed next week.
DISCUSSION took place and group very impressed with Ken's generous offer. AGREED unanimously Stuart to speak to Ken in relation to group sponsorship and acceptance of the donation towards the Incorporation fees, sponsorship and ongoing assistance.
Stuart to ensure a letter of appreciation is forwarded on receipt of the donation.


Greg went around the table re last comments


………………………          ……………………………
Secretary/Treasurer                         Approved President
Stuart Paxton                                    Gregory Franklin.

NEXT MEETING SUGGESTED - Weekend of 22nd & 23rd of May 2010 at Leigh Creek to finalise
            Trek, catering and logistics. Everyone continue to save ice cream containers etc. BBQ on
            Saturday night at Greg & Janet's, BYO EVERYTHING.


DVD, Peter distributed a DVD he made of all the photes from 2007/2008/2009. Everyone received a copy.


Minute Taker
Stuart & Carmel Paxton


Stuart Paxton; Carmel Paxton; Greg Franklin; Janet Franklin, Carl Korner; Fran Korner; Colin Wilkey; Peter Hancock and Sue Hancock..

TREK 2010.

Arrive Leigh Creek Saturday 3/7/2010 load, pack refuel ready to depart.
4/7/2010 Depart Leigh Creek-1 group to Montecollina Bore via Mt Hopeless
1 Group via Strzelecki Track.

5/7/2010 depart Montecollina Bore for Moomba-unload, lunch on SANTOS Deliver sponsor DVD. Then to Innamincka overnight.

6/7/2010 clean up Innamincka area, refuel and depart mid-late morning for Walkers Crossing. Camp overnight on Walkers Crossing Track. THEME

7/7/2010 to Birdsville on Inside and outside tracks. OVERNIGHT BIRDSVILLE. Refuel at MOBIL.

8/7/2010 Depart Birdsville to Clayton Bore, camp over night. THEME

9/7/2010 Depart for Leigh Creek via Marree. Arrive LEIGH CREEK unload start to unpack.

10/7/2010 finish unpacking, cleaning up refuelling. Then Dinner at the Leigh Creek Tavern followed by final Debrief and suggestions.

Sunday recover and depart.
THEME nights discussed and decided to have:-
     2.      HAWAIIN THEME
     3.      BAD TASTE THEME

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