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Meeting Commenced at:- 1235 hrs at Birdsville Track-Clayton Station

Stuart Paxton; Carmel Paxton; Greg Franklin; Ian Franklin; Allan Franklin; Karen Cooke; Dale Pilmore; Carl Korner; Shane Duncan; Leanne Duncan; Colin Wilkey; Peter Hancock and David Pilkington.




Arthur Tanner

Stuart PAXTON opened the meeting and gave a brief rundown on the history of the clean ups from 2007-2009 and problems encountered through the management of funds/accounts with SES and cancellation of a grant application that would have seen $10,000 towards wear and tear/break down costs for this current year owing to accounting problems through SES Management. Also outlined that only current SES members are covered for injury.

Stuart proposed that the clean up venture continue, but in a totally changed manner with the formation of a new group totally separate from the SES management. The future direction as seen by Stuart was explained given expansion of the clean ups to other areas of the State under the blanket of the Clean Up Australia Programme. Stuart advised that he had already had talks with sponsors, DTEI, SA Arid Lands and NRM Board and DEH who will fully support the management changes and direction of the group.

Stuart also suggested the name of the group be GREAT TRACKS CLEANUP CREW to which and ABN would be applied for and new separate bank account opened.

All present voted unanimously in the setting up of the new group and format as outlined by



Stuart then explained the need to formalise a management committee to enable the opening of a
Bank Account. Stuart outlined the need for a President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, Trek Coordinator, Radio/Communications officer and Catering/Entertainment officer. Discussions on roles took place and then Stuart declared all positions as open for nomination.

PRESIDENT -Carl nominated Greg, which was seconded by Leanne, Greg accepted the
                         Nomination, unanimous vote elected for a 12 month term.

VICE-PRESIDENT -Dale nominated Carl, which was seconded by Greg, Carl accepted the
                         Nomination, unanimous vote elected for a 12 month term.

SECRETARY/TREASURER-Leanne nominated Stuart, which was seconded by David, Stuart  
                          accepted the Nomination, unanimous vote elected for a 12 month term.

TREK CO-ORDINATOR - Greg nominated Stuart, which was seconded by Peter, Stuart
                          accepted the Nomination, unanimous vote elected for a 12 month term.

RADIO/COMMUNICATIONS OFFICER-Greg nominated Peter, which was seconded by Carl,
                          Peter accepted the Nomination, unanimous vote elected for a 12 month term.

CATERING/ENTERTAINMENT-Stuart nominated Janet who was absent, which was seconded
                          by Carmel, unanimous vote elected for a 12 month term on Janet accepting the

PRESIDENT                                                     Greg FRANKLIN
VICE PRESIDENT                                           Carl KORNER
SECRETARY/TREASURER                              Stuart PAXTON
TREK CO-ORDINATOR                                Stuart PAXTON


Carl KORNER suggested all persons become financial members of the group to show ownership, commitment and have a say in the direction of the group and new members visitors on future trips. This would also kick start the bank account. All agreed and Discussion took Place.


Dale PILMORE (Deputy Unit Manager-Admin officer of Leigh Creek SES Unit) Proposed to all current SES members that the $50 donation received at Innamincka by a member of the public be handed over to the new group to open the bank account. This was seconded by Carl KORNER. All members voted unanimously in favour of this CARRIED (Greg FRANKLIN, David PILKINGTON, Carl KORNER, Dale PILMORE, Shane DUNCAN)


Dale PILMORE (Deputy Unit Manager-Admin officer of Leigh Creek SES Unit) Proposed that all bottles and cans collected on this trip also be contributed to the new bank account of GREAT TRACKS CLEANUP CREW after a thankyou present was purchased for Depot Springs Station on use of the Crate. This was voted on by all present and CARRIED.


Greg FRANKLIN Proposed that the Committee allow Stuart PAXTON to apply for an ABN number in the groups name and open a bank account with the BANK SA branch at Roxby Downs on before of the group. Seconded by Carl KORNER. This was voted on by all present and CARRIED.


Stuart PAXTON explained that Peter HANCOCK was willing to set up a web page linking through his business. Peter then explained the process and stated that he was willing to do this and maintain the web site.

Greg FRANKLIN Proposed that the committee allow Peter to proceed with setting up a web page for the group. Seconded by Stuart PAXTON. This was voted on by all present and CARRIED.

Stuart PAXTON outlined the setting up of future Trek procedures with team leaders for groups splitting away from the main body and that only the Trek Coordinator or his nominee would be responsible for all decision making on trips. Stuart plans to have a mini debrief each day to address all issues in a timely manner in future. It is envisaged that all financial members will have
a say on the acceptance of future members and on visitors to any organised cleanup trek or event. Stuart explained that he wished to set the procedures up for the group in either a constitution or code of ethics/conduct for all the groups activities which would be displayed on the web page. ACTION Stuart to look at and draft either a constitution or code of ethics/conduct for the group and SOP's for future treks by the next meeting.

Greg FRANKLIN stressed for all persons to enjoy themselves on the treks and that all discussions remain constructive towards further improvement in processes and for all to work together as a team.



Carl KORNER said that he would like to see us down the track have good clothing identifying and promoting the name of the group, in either a polo shirt or jacket for wearing out at nights and possibility of the years attributed to clean ups placed on the sleeves. General discussion took place with positive outcomes in relation to that and a logo.

Greg FRANKLIN suggested that a price be looked into for printing or embroidery on jackets for polo shirts and brought back to the next committee meeting. Also to look at selling sponsor and advertising space on the truck and camp kitchen for next year.


Shane DUNCAN suggested that we look at Sat phones to borrow or hire for each vehicle or each group in future and in particular the Truck should always carry a sat phone. ACTION Stuart and Peter to follow this up and report back to the next meeting.


Carmel PAXTON mentioned in relation to the number of vehicles and persons on future treks to look at what is comfortable for catering and cartage of camping equipment and provisions. Discussion took place. ACTION for all to think about this issue and bring back to the next meeting.


Carmel PAXTON put forward the groups appreciation of the efforts put in by visitors Allan and Ian FRANKLIN and Karen COOKE. Everyone agreed and showed their appreciation.

Meeting Closed 1315 hrs

NEXT MEETING proposed for some time in September, date and venue to be advised by Secretary to all members.

Carl KORNER proposed that membership fees be:-

Individual member                  $20
Family membership                $40
Proposal was seconded by Dale and voted on with unanimous acceptance CARRIED.

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