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This year’s itinerary is as below:-
Leigh Creek to Innamincka, Birdsville and return via Marree to Leigh Creek.

Saturday 30th June 20102
All members arrive at Leigh Creek, load truck, safety and trek briefing, fuelling and attention to final preparations. BBQ tea at FRANKLIN’s with TREK SAFETY BRIEFING.

Sunday 1st July 2012
Leigh Creek to Montecollina Bore.
Team 1-travel via Balcanoona and Mount Hopeless collecting tyres and rubbish enroute.
Team 2-travel Leigh Creek to Lyndhurst then on Strzelecki Track to Montecollina Bore.
Overnight camping at Montecollina Bore.

Monday 2nd July 2012
Montecollina Bore to Moomba and Innamincka.
Travel to Moomba, off-load at Santos Recycle Depot then to Innamincka via Della Road and Dillon’s Highway..
Overnight camping and use of DEH quarters showers- Innamincka- REFUEL.

Tuesday 3rd July 2012
Innamincka to overnight camp on Walkers Crossing via the 15 mile road.
Overnight camping on Walkers Crossing track.
         ALTERNATIVE if unable to use Walkers Crossing
         Travel via Cordillo Downs Road camping overnight north of Cordillo Downs.

Wednesday 4th July 2012
Walkers Crossing to Birdsville via the Birdsville Track. Unload at Diamantina Council recycle depot.
Overnight at Old Courthouse and Police Station at Birdsville-use of showers -REFUEL.
          ALTERNATIVE if unable to use Walkers Crossing
          Travel via Developmental Road to Birdsville. Unload at Diamantina Council recycle depot.

Thursday 5th July 2012
Depart Birdsville to Marree
Team 1-travel via Outside Track Rondezvous at MUNGERANNIE for lunch.
Team 2-travel via Inside Track Rondezvous at MUNGERANNIE for lunch.
Then on to MARREE
Overnight at MARREE HOTEL CAMP GROUNDS those that are rich can book Hotel rooms-at your expense.
Rendezvous with ABC LANDLINE re photo shoot, interviews and an article on Great Tracks Cleanup Crew and our supporters.

HAPPY HOUR AT THE HOTEL---Yet to be sponsored.

Friday 6th July 2012
Depart MARREE to Leigh Creek. Unload truck and trailers at Leigh Creek Recycling Centre.  Unpack camp kitchen, truck etc…
DINNER MEETING AT THE LEIGH CREEK TAVERN. Presentation of BUGGA awards for the cleanup. DEBRIEF of Trek.
Overnight at Leigh Creek .

Saturday 7th July 2012
Complete unpacking and cleaning up of vehicles and equipment.

PLEASE NOTE WHEN OBTAINING TIME OFF to ensure you cover Saturday and Sunday, as with breakdowns, rain etc, me may not arrive in Marree until the Friday Night—POSSIBILITY.

So our dinner meeting will be on the Saturday night. And all depart Leigh Creek on the Sunday.
Debrief meeting, planning for the Gawler Ranges cleanup and meal at Leigh Creek Tavern.

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